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ALMA (Association of Latinos Moving Ahead)

ALMA brings Latinos together to be active in school, with the surrounding community. To bring a sense of community among the students by offering community service, social activities and cultural awareness to The University of Iowa.

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Lambda Theta Nu Sorority

The sorority is a sisterhood of diverse women from various backgrounds, driven to achieve and promote academic excellence in higher education and bound by our desire to provide selfless service to those in need, specifically in the Latino communities. As an organization, we strive to cultivate leaders and to use our extended network of resources to foster professional advancement.

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Latino/Native American Cultural Center

The major purpose of the Centers is to meet the needs of students through a variety of programs and services. In conjunction with the Office of Student Life, they offer students a wide array of diverse cultural, academic, and personal support services to facilitate their growth, success, and adjustment to the University.

The Latino Native American Cultural Center at the University of Iowa is dedicated to provide a permanent setting where students from various cultures can be nurtured and enhanced on the University of Iowa campus.

The LNACC is available for programming and as a venue for group and organization events.

Wireless internet, tv/vcr/dvd, a fully stocked kitchen, study rooms, lounge space--anything you need to host a program, make a meal, study or relax and socialize with friends.

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Latino and Native American Alumni Alliance

The goals of this alumni group is to support our youth, community, and students of The University of Iowa; utilizing and strengthening our collective resources for networking; and advancing and recruiting students to The University of Iowa.


U Iowa Latina/o Graduate Student Association (LGSA)

The purpose of the Latina/o Graduate Student Association (LGSA) is three-fold: a) To encourage professional collaboration and professional development of Latino/a graduate students. b) To facilitate a community of social and cultural support for Latina/o graduate students across departments at the University of Iowa. c) To provide a vehicle for Latina/o graduate students to support the University of Iowa and surrounding communities, particularly the needs of Latina'o community.

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Latino Law Students Association

The Latino Law Students Association (LLSA) aims to promote, encourage and increase the number of Latinos in the legal field and to enhance the legal education of Latinos. The purpose of LLSA is to promote, encourage and increase Latino enrollment at the College of Law; to be committed to the improvement of legal services to the Latino community; to provide time and skill in assisting those programs which require some measure of legal expertise; to educate and involve its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of law.

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Sigma Lambda Beta

This Fraternity was formed to promote a positive image of the Latino community in the University of Iowa by promoting scholastic achievements, eternal Brotherhood, the dissemination of our unique and rich culture, and service to our community.


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Sigma Lambda Gamma

The goal of this organization is to provide social and academic support to Latinas/Hispanics and women of all cultures.

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Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, SHPE

SHPE is the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. It is a Society dedicated to the advancement of Latinos/Hispanics in the sciences, engineering and math disciplines at all levels, undergraduate, graduate and professional. Everyone can take advantage of the workshops, professional development and conferences that SHPE offers, so we encourage people of ALL disciplines and ALL ethnicities to join SHPE. Its goals are to encourage students in entering the science, engineering and math disciplines in both at the undergrad and graduate level, and to support them while they work on obtaining their degrees. Financial support can be obtained from the National SHPE Foundation for both undergraduate and graduate study. Some financial aid is restricted to specific disciplines. Professional development and integrating our members in industry, government and academia is part of the ultimate goal. To that effect after graduating, students are given a one year free membership to the Professional SHPE chapter of their choice.


The Center for Diversity and Enrichment

A merger of Support Service Programs and Opportunity at Iowa, the CDE provides leadership and coordination for outreach and service to underserved students from diverse backgrounds, including students of color, first-generation students whose parents have not received a baccalaureate degree and students from low-income families.